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Regarding information that customers using this website may be asked to provide us with

This official Website of Telecom Square, Inc. (hereinafter “Website”) is run as a service for customers. When customers use the Website, they may be asked to provide personal information in certain parts of the Website (specifically, for a service that they use voluntarily and independently, such as when submitting an application, questionnaire, inquiry, or e-mail registration online).
Information requested is primarily personal information including, but not limited to, the name, e-mail address, telephone number, and address of the customer, all of which are needed for Telecom Square, Inc. (hereinafter “Company”) to provide the customers with service related information. The Company may raise additional questions for the purpose of providing further information on services that meet the specific requirements and expectations of customers. However, with the exception of minimum necessary items, answers to the questions are optional in nature.
The Company shall not modify the obtained information without customers' consent.
Please understand beforehand that, depending on the type of Website service, the Company may provide the obtained information to a third party. (For example, the Company may provide a customer's name and address to subcontractors to which the Company has entrusted delivery or other services.)
The Company takes necessary and reasonable measures to protect the privacy of customers who visit the Website. Information of a highly confidential nature (such as online money data or credit card number) may be requested; however, in such a case, the Company shall protect such information through encryption or other measures. The Company may change the policy above and notifications on all changes shall be announced on the Website.

Browser environment

When using Windows

  • Internet Explorer latest version
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  • Chrome latest version

When using Macintosh

  • Safari latest version

Using a browser other than those mentioned above may result in corrupted displays of content or improperly operating pages.


The Company uses cookies to make the experience of using the Website more convenient for customers when they return. The use of cookies does not infringe upon customers' privacy nor does it harm their computers.
It is possible to refuse to accept cookies by setting internet browsing software (browsers) accordingly. Doing so will not hinder viewing of the Website.
Please contact your software manufacturer for information on how to set your browser.

isclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability

Customers shall assume responsibility for using the Website.
The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use of information obtained from the Website or from other websites that are linked to the Website.

Governing law

The Website is operated under the management of the Company.
The Website can be accessed from countries having different laws in all parts of the world. However, it shall be understood that both customers accessing the Website and the Company agree that the use of the Website is bound by the laws of Japan and regulations of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, regardless of any legal differences that may exist.
The Company makes no statement or indication on the Website that the Website’s content is appropriate for the environment of each customer. It is understood that accessing the Website is based on the free will of the customer and that the customer takes responsibility for use of the Website.

This Website Policy was originally written and announced in Japanese, then translated into English. The Japanese version is the original and the English version is for reference purposes only. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these two versions, the Japanese version shall prevail.


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